Sustaining Membership

General Instructions on How to Set Up Automatic Payments to KSVU
(Instructions for Columbia Bank accounts are included here)

If you have online banking enabled at your bank or credit union, you can set up automatic payments to anyone you wish, including KSVU, on a regular basis, with no further involvement by you after the initial setup, until you elect to change or discontinue the service.

To begin, log in to your secure online banking account. Once logged in, click on the tab having the label Payments, Payment & Transfers, Bill Pay, or similar text. If necessary, click on Add a Bill or Add payee, or similar text. The idea is to add a bill, just as you would with a utility or service.

Enter the biller name, KSVU, and any nickname you wish, if asked. Enter the address and phone number as follows:

2405 E. College Way Mount Vernon, WA 98273                (360) 416-7001

When asked for an account number, enter “Contribution,” since you don’t have an account for this payee.

Some banks or credit unions may ask for the repeating payment information at this point, and others may require you to save this payee information and then edit the bill to set up a repeating schedule of payments.

For the latter instance, click on Add Bill, Add Payee, Continue or Next to complete the entry of information and then select the bill with Manage a bill or Edit biller information or similar option.

You may then enter the payment amount, and whatever schedule you wish to make payments to KSVU; monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, depending on the options provided by your institution.

Enter the day of the month you wish to make the payment and the date to start the payments. Enter your email address if you wish to be notified when payments are sent (a good idea for record-keeping).

Enter any other required information, check all your entries, and verify that everything is correct. Click on the final Okay button (or Set Up Payment, Next, Continue or other text) to start the payment process.

KSVU thanks you!